2014 Water Sports Rental Sell-Off!!

Rental Sell Off

See Price List Below:

Price List

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Pickleball Rackets and Balls in stock!

A game invented in the 1960′s that is now sweeping the Nation, Pickleball is a cross between Ping-Pong, Tennis, and Badminton. Played on a small section of a tennis court, two to four players use large paddles to hit a whiffle ball back and forth over a net. Its rules are similar to tennis, with a few modifications. It’s a great sport for all ages and skill levels!

Mid-Coast Recreation Center in Rockport now offers a Pickleball program. Visit their website for more information.

Watch the CBS News Early Show story on the “Sweet Sport With Sour Name” below.

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Maine Sport Triathalon August 31st!!!

Our annual Triathlon is coming up, visit our “Races” page for more information!

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Become a GREAT Sea Kayaker

Step up to the next level in our 2-Day Advanced Kayaking Skills course, August 25-26, with star instructor Chris Audet. We’ll be paddling at Blue Hill Reversing Falls or the tidal race at Sullivan Falls. Among the topics we’ll cover are:

  • maneuvering in current
  • reading tidal features
  • balance and weight transfer
  • surfing
  • reading moving water
  • bracing
Chris Audet, kayak instructor

Chris Audet, Level 4 ACA Whitewater & Coastal Kayak Instructor

Chris is a superb instructor, a Master Maine Guide, Level 4 ACA Whitewater & Coastal Kayak Instructor, BCU 4 Star Paddler, Wilderness First Responder,  and is certified in Swift Water Rescue.

Course fee of $450 includes meals, transportation, basic paddling equipment and expert instruction. Download the fact sheet for more details. To reserve a spot, call 207-236-8797 or email tim@mainesport.com

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Full-time positions open – see employment opportunities

Visit Maine Sports’ Jobs page.

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