We carry quality sunglasses to make you look good and protect your eyes.  Check out the latest styles from these vendors.

Oakley– Oakley lenses are some of the best in the business. Their Plutonite® Lens material offer superior comfort, clarity and protection from impact and UV radiation. Its’ impact-resistant material blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. Oakley’soakley performance line of glasses meet and exceed the impact-resistance standards of the American National Standards Institute. In order to test high-velocity impact resistance, a quarter-inch steel shot is blasted from a pneumatic cannon at 102 mph/ 164 kmh. The high-mass impact test uses a metal spike (weighing more than a pound) dropped from more that four feet. The polarization on Oakley lenses also goes above and beyond what some other companies are doing. Instead of sandwiching the polarization film between two layers of glass (which can cause haze and blurriness if the film moves at all during the process), they actually fuse the film and glass together at a molecular level. Oakley offers a one-year warranty against manufacturers defects.

Native– Native sunglasses uses their N3™ Polarized Lenses, one of the most innovative and advanced polarized lenses on the market. They block up to 4x more infrared light than regular polarized lenses, provide UV protection up to 400nm, and by reducing blue light Nativeand selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast and crisp definition. If you are someone who has problems with your glasses fogging up while you bike, ski, etc.; Native glasses are right for you. Most Native glasses come with venting systems, designed to enhance airflow to virtually eliminate fog and condensation. What happens if your dog chews your glasses, or you run them over with the car? No worries, Native sunglasses are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Manufacturer defects are covered for one year at no charge. Everything else (including scratched lenses, doggy disasters, and general misfortune) are covered for a processing fee of $30 (proof of purchase required). Basically the only thing they don’t cover is loss.

Costa Del Mar– Born in 1983 when two fishermen decided the world needed better Costasunglasses. Costa Del Mar is a leader in clarity, claiming to be “the clearest sunglasses on the planet”! Their 580P (plastic) and 580G (glass) lenses feature best-in-class lens technology; reducing haze and blur while providing excellent contrast and enhanced color definition. Their glasses come in multiple colors, such as blue mirror, green mirror, gray, and amber (among others) to provide you with the best options for whatever you choose to do in them. Each pair is built buy hand, and are backed for life.

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